“It is of paramount importance that individuals from a society are aware of their rights as human beings. ELSA Day fulfills our desire to not only spread the knowledge about these values, but also kindle debates about them; debates which revise and strengthen them, as we learn to place them, in a discerning fashion, at the core of our social system. The current theme is Gender Equality, a subject on which plenty can be discussed. “All different, all together!””

“ELSA Day is the event through which the slogan laying at its foundation takes shape. Gender equality refers to the opportunities of developing and affirming ourselves as autonomous persons, yet for realizing all those we must get involved and prove that we are guided by good principles. Usually, fine people make up an association – for those studying law, there is ELSA, and on the 25th of November we reassert all that I have mentioned above. All different, all together !”

“ELSA Day reminds us of the reason for which every single one of us chose to be a part of this organization: the desire to make a change in the world we live in by working together with other Law students from all across Europe. I encourage all of you to be a part of this initiative by actively participating to one of the ELSA Day events organized in your area on the 25th of November. All different, all together!”

“ELSA Day brings us, as a Network, even closer by showing how much we can do together, regardless of our differences. It is the moment when over 40.000 law students in 43 countries stand behind our vision: A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity, behind the ELSA Day motto: All different, all together, and support the ELSA Day focus on gender equality, as one.”

“”This year’s ELSA Day theme, gender equality, allows the setting up of multiple events, according to the needs of the target group. For example, events may be organized around themes which have already became ‘standard’, such as domestic violence or gender equality in the working place, or events which aim at issues of finesse, such as gender stereotypes present in cinematography and literature. I encourage you to participate in any event organized on this subject and make a difference in your community regarding gender issues. “All different, all together!”.”

“ELSA Day is an oportunity for us to show to the world that we are a family and to remind ourselves of this. All the ELSAnians from our continent will have the same purpose on November 25th, which is to promote the theme Gender Equiality, showing the true meaning of this day’s motto, “All different, all together”.”

“As the name itself suggests, ELSA Day is our day, because we are ELSA! One specific day when 38.000 students from 43 European countries prove that ,,All different, all together” is not just a slogan. Like the fact that we are not just a part of another students’ association, we stand out due to our projects, with our contribution of information and knowledge to the society. Among numerous social events, each local group from ELSA Romania will organize academic events on gender equality. Diversity, unity, spirit: these are the words I choose, in the end, to describe the 25th of November.”

“On the 25th of November we are able to feel the bond with all the students from the rest of 42 countries which are ELSA members. This time last year I was away, out of the country, for a conference. Seeing all the pictures, the video clips, the development of projects in real time brought me closer to friends back home. Sticking together, the positive and constructive energy that surrounds us, intertwined with the motto “All different, all together” which is upheld heartily on ELSA Day, all of those make you feel strongly that you belong to an association which transcends organizational monotony.”

“ELSA Day is one of the most important projects of the network, due to both its specificity and unitary effect. ELSA is proud of its cultural diversity that characterizes the projects that the network runs but, through ELSA Day, for one day per year, all local and national groups work together in organizing projects on the same topic, bringing us one step closer to the fulfillment of ELSA’s aims. Through ELSA Day, we prove once more the strength and solidarity of the network, applying in a most concrete way our motto: all different, all together.”

“In my opinion, ELSA Day is an important event through which all Local Groups communicate, work together and support each other by organizing events on the same date, the 25th of November. This year’s topic, “gender equality”, presents a challenge, but at the same time leaves the Local Groups with the possibility to be creative while choosing the type of event they want to organize. This is why I encourage all of you to participate and become involved! All different, all together!”